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Are We There Yet?

Nasreen Pejvack: Writer of the month, Royal City Literary Arts Society

Perhaps Women Should Take Over! Should We?

Where Are They?

Independent Bookstore Day - May 2nd. 2015

Are Our Young Mothers Protected? What About Our Hardworking Citizens?April, 2015


Why Do We Not Question? Feb. 9. 2015

Howling for Life



Our Scientists and Scholars

Is military spending crippling the USA?

USA's Military Budget...?

When did we cross the line so far? How far do we permit ourselves to go with competitive acquisition of wealth at the expense of others and of our ecosystem?
I always thought that the family is the fundamental unit of society and the core for the growth and learning of life’s value. To some extent, the family is a venue for the primary development of a person's beliefs and ideas as established by a surrounding cultural milieu. Ideally, that process would result in a population capable of living their lives in line with a respect for a perpetually sustainable Earth and for each other. Somewhere on our way we have lost that line of possibility. Morality is disfunctional, and the overpowering value in operation is self-interest, without paying attention to the consequences of one’s action.

Human advancement, health, wealth and poverty:

The impact of human encroachments on the world fresh water system...

Competition for resources

Poverty Around The World

The Wealthy and the Poor

On Dominating wealth, people and ideas:

The Corporate Takeover of U.S. Democracy

When Immigration turns to Slavery

On Wars:

Unjust War

The National Interest

Just and Unjust War

The Environmental Consequences of War

On Global Warming:

The Dangers of Global Warming

What Are The Dangers Of Global Warming

Causes, Effects and Dangers of Global Warming

On Racism:


Racism in the Media

Dissent and Racism-Noam Chomsky

Racism in action

On Racism, Colombia, and the Militarization of Outer Space

John Humphrey Centre for Peace and Human Rights

On Peace and Human advancement:

Use art to turn the world inside out

Positive Human Development

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