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About This Folio

If I believe my Country is the planet Earth, then my loyalties lie there.  I was born in the Middle-Eastern region, in the large province of Iran in the city of Tehran.  Throughout much of my adulthood, I have been on the north side of my country Earth in the province of Canada, living in Vancouver.  I have also lived in other provinces of this blue country, such as Greece and America, and in each I have learned much from its people and its culture.
In my childhood I thought that religion meant peace.  I heard and read the representatives of each religion preach kindness and a better life for all.  However, as I matured I saw that they had lied.  Each religion killed many to convert others, or punished their own if they did not obey.  So, my religion developed into a simple love for humanity, and for this blue home as my country and for all life that accompanies us here.
We have advanced to a point in time where there are spaces where we can be free from being told what is right and what is wrong, and how to live.  As intelligent beings we all ought to learn our histories, and from them gain wisdom and the knowledge of how to achieve peace and harmony.  We must move away from the contention created by those who are blind to anything but the desire to exploit and control.  We should strive without hesitation to establish universal amity. 
Unfortunately, the wars and conflicts seen all across this world tell us that we are not there yet.  We either contribute to the atrocities, or we have learned to ignore them. It is with hope and conviction that I call for the protection of all humanity.  Our global society can easily achieve this goal if we all co-operate and work-together.  I strongly believe that people matter.  Everyone should be happy, healthy and secure, not just those in some fortunate parts of the globe......... As for this Website, some people attend to the news of the world; some don’t want to bother. The second group thinks life is stressful enough and they don’t want to know about more problems. I am from the first group: I love to know and understand my planet and whatever is going on around me. I believe this is a basic knowledge one should have. The more we know, the more we realize how much we are involved directly or indirectly in the daily events on our home planet. We come to understand that everything around us is linked together, and so everything we do has an effect on our environment, our life and others.  We see that currently in regards to our ongoing discoveries about climate change.  Our present habits of production and destruction are not sustainable in the long term, and each of us must determine to what degree we contribute to the problems and the solutions.    To know and learn I usually refer to books, political and science magazines, and now the internet.   To examine environmental issues, I might search for new information on environmentalist sites.  For news about astronomy I will have a different set of sites to visit.  Political or economic interests will take me to yet another array of sites.  I thought I would construct a website that could act as a sort of clearinghouse or hub wherein one can find in one place resources on a wide variety of topics.  A portal into some of the content out there that I think is worth looking at in our efforts to understand how we should act.  Here is my offering to the world of such a project.

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