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How we can implement changes that we believe can be effective. If nobody talks or complains or takes action, then nothing will happen for the better. Issues will be dealt with if people object, criticize or protest about them and most importantly, have ideas or suggestions about improving them. The cruelties and brutalities sponsored by states or ideologies, and even simple spites and ill behaviour done in the course of our daily lives, linger in our histories and relationships to set an unpleasant tone in the way society operates. Such conduct can grow by example and hurt more and more people. However, if we speak up and try to do the best we know and we can for a better world, it is commonly experienced that, here and there, positive changes occur to make our world a better place. All we have to do is look beyond our egotistic selves that live and work and do whatever the self demands. If a more selfless and communal tone can be achieved worldwide, that is the time we can announce truly the birth of an intelligent species.

To start, we have to stop looking for a leader; we can be innovative thinkers ourselves and give to the world of our strengths and skills. Most of us think/believe we need a leader to organize us, guide us and tell us what to do. Our history has shown that many leaders tended to become corrupted, often transforming into killing machines; people such as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, and others I am sure you can think of. “We shouldn't be looking for heroes, we should be looking for good ideas; Chomsky."........ There are imperative issues surrounding us; imposed wars, the world's hunger and poverty, child labour and trafficking, our global economic crisis, our polluted air, land and waters, and the ever-changing earth's climate that is affecting every one of us eventually one way or another.  We are overdue for taking action; we all have to recognize that it is possible to take a stand according to our belief and our very own ideas and do the best we can to make changes and live as the intelligent spieces that we hope we are. “You must be the change you wish to see in the world; Gandhi.”

There seem to be two kinds of people living around the world: those who take advantage of any given situation, using everything for their own self-interest and using others without consideration of the consequences of their actions (which are the majority of the world's population); and those who think before taking action, and whose self-interest is not at the core of their lives, and who think of the consequences of any action (unfortunately, the minority of the world's population). It seems we are living in a chaos that looks absolutely beautiful from outside. You see many well-dressed, well-spoken people, nicely made-up in the advertised fashion of the day. Are we walking around like robots doing as we're told? Well, consider how many of our decisions are based only on self-interest, not considering how our actions might affect others. Examples can be found everywhere, at all levels in our society, and in all our activities. From the Bush administration ordering the attack on Iraq, as he asserted for the nation's interest or freeing Iraqis, to our daily decisions as we do our jobs, or complete our daily routines; More examples…

The world is in a state of growing crisis, and the question is how we can change it towards a better direction; starting with ourselves. I always ask myself what are my personal values; what set of moral and ethical standards have I laid down for myself, and am I following them? Then I look around to see if my decisions or my thinking have been influenced by media. Are the rules that we have created to keep order in society working for a better world or against it. We claim to be promoting happiness and creating freedom. But have we really done so?

We are busy with having vacations, collecting pensions and competing with each other for status with our houses and entertainment systems. We live our daily routines with no purpose or goal except to be happy and entertained. I have nothing against happiness; being happy is healthy and fine. I just find that it looks counterfeit. How can we be said to be happy if we know how much we all are responsible for the misery of others, either next door or across the world. How? Examples? WTO, NAFTA, sweat-shops, War for oil, diamonds or other resources...

The world's powerful leaders work to maintain a nice smooth order. Everyone has to be free and happy. This order is acheived by having everyone busy with their music, movies, clothing, glorious vacations, updating Facebook and tweeting their gossip. Happiness Machines are here to make everyone free. However, our scholars have worked hard to demonstrate and reveal the counterfeit and forgery behind the mechanisms of our society, a social control using the language of freedom...How to run a mass democracy shows societies managers building their united free world; how? With social control. Yes, Control and bind the nation together......The Trap is the portrayal of how to present a facade of democracy (new democracy) for the easy control of minds............... Are we willingly allowing psychology and psychoanalysis to control people's minds, and therefore lives: To control inner psychological thoughts.... Chomsky has addressed these phenomena in his Manufacturing Consent. Examine and analyze all the youtubes, documentaries, and articles presented here, and consider things yourself. I am sure we all have our own sets of ideas and beliefs, so let’s compromise and work together for a better world.  What actions can every one of us take to promote the human spirit to real freedom. I am sure the ones who care to know and to make a difference, the ones who examine, consider and act on injustices, have researched many wonderful ideas. Let’s see what I have found, and then combine our insights so that together experience and examine how we can make a difference. Or if you prefer, act yourself to work against the chaos and injustice around us. If you believe it is possible to work for peace everywhere, and against war and occupation anywhere, below are a few organizations striving to operate in that way, or as I said create your own:



Home Page  Supporting Local Peace Builder

A Canadian humanitarian initiative to aid the civilian population of Gaza living under the Israeli blockade...Canada Boat To Gaza

Five Ways to Stop War: By David Krieger  

Since the advancement of technology, this is what our intelligent species has done to our earth and its people. How can we stop that.....

Or you can sit back and say it is not my war, and let it go on. Well, I assure you your silence kills as much as guns.

Perhaps this video of birth defects in Iraq, the consequences of depleted uranium (DU), can convince us about the scope of the chaos. Used in many combat zones, this form of uranium contamination will make the earth, foods and water unusable if we let such disasterous practices continue. That was why the United Nations ruled out the use of uranium; because it is indiscriminate and can’t be removed from the environment for many generatons.  DU is both radioactive and chemically toxic, affecting anyone living in such areas. Babies have been affected by DU from the first Gulf War, and with the use of even more DU in the latest invasion. There is simply no doubt that countless more birth defects and cancers will occur. This was the price for being liberated by the western world.

Stop War Coalition

Global Research

A Buddhist Declaration on Climate Change

So not only does war kill many innocent people directly, but the earth will be contaminated and not usable for many decades; the air, the sky and water will be polluted for years to come. You can find an organization in line with your ideas somewhere in the world, in your country or even in the very community that you live, which can help to speak your mind. Together we can contribute to the same goal; our fight for a safe, green, healthy world for all.

Some of us strongly believe that every child on this planet has to have an opportunity to have a safe house, good food and proper education. Some of us would like to challenge child poverty and believe no child at such a young age should have to labour for her food. This child should be in school, or in a warm house and eating warm food, instead of out in the cold washing dishes with the gloves of an adult. How old does she look? Six, seven? Her eyes talk to you sadly; she looks cheerless and wonders. I am sure she has no idea how children her age are living spoiled and wasteful lives on the other side of the world. I don’t believe any organization can remove child poverty completely. Those areas with very poor conditions need many years of dedicated investment and reconstruction. There are many organizations in our western world advertising for sponsoring a child. Assume I do that, and I sponsor a child. What happens to that child's neighbour? Does he/she get anything? Why do they need our charity? I personally will look into why and how those children are living in such conditions. Is it my way of life here where I live; is it lack of my knowledge of how we westerners our using every resource wherever and whenever we can find it for our own interests and to maintain our bloated lifestyles? Do I have anything to do with the misery in that child's life? I first want to know how that happens, and how I can change things so that all the children in those areas live like our children over here. Ironically, the way our society is set up, don’t ever think poverty is only to be found in the developing world. Even in the heart of the richest nations on this planet, real poverty holds sway over parts of their populations: England ... Scotland ... Canada ... USA. Is the Canadian Children's Rights Council doing its job? Well, this report says child poverty rates are unchanged in nearly 2 decades. In third world countries millions of children are losing out on their childhoods! Why? .....How does gender affect health? Consider the causes of poverty and examine a global study on child poverty. Perhaps you would like to work with the organization End Child Poverty if you believe we should focus on this core issue ...... Look into other organizations ... or look yourself to find your type of organization. Just don’t be indifferent....

You are one of the devoted doctors who care about people and the field, not only for the money that a doctor makes. Then join Doctor Without Borders to help work for a world with healthier, happier people .... the history of Doctor Without Borders....

You are an educator and you believe this world will only be saved by educating its people, not only in the classroom, but within communities. Communicate broadly in cities and nations and across the world, as an educator. Perhaps you can design and develop powerful messages with the world's citizens as your students:

Education Beyond Borders

Education Without Borders

The Ambassadors

Educators Without Borders

Or perhaps you want the global economy to be structured so that relevant decisions benefit all, not just the power-hungry or greedy corporations whose only purpose is robbing the earth and it's inhabitants for their own wealth. (Global Economic Control and Collapse) I do not know what kind of organization will work against such bullies and tyrants, but with corporations controlling the global economy, let's find out more about how to confront them:

Shadow Governments and the control of Global Economic:

America's Shadow Government......Part two......

Global Economic Control and Collapse


World Government

Global Research

Or maybe you are in love with earth's beauty and you want to help keep it that way...

Global Issues Index

Our Future Planet

Friends of Trees

The below link is absolutely striking…

We will force you to be free

Adam Curtis has contributed a wealth of knowledge and information to the world with his documentaries and movies. Look at some of his work and explore the Net for the rest. He highlights the mindless cruelty of the human race, and how our mass media manipulates and whitewashes the information. He is magnificent in representing The rise of "Oh dearism"......
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