Our Splendid Earth, our only home...

This poem has been posted on Inanna Publications Blog on January 20. 2014.... Also, has been published in World Peace Poetry Book.


..I am the daughter of mother earth
..I am the tears of the mountains, joining the rivers; together we join the oceans
..I am the lover of earth’s forests, oceans and mountains
..I have climbed the hard mountains, seeking freedom, hearing of freedom
..I have traveled across the world, seeking liberty, talking of freedom
..I have followed our thinkers; listened to their speeches, seeking a liberated world
..I long for peace on mother earth; and still I am waiting
..I dream of a united world, with no war and no slaughter; yet hopelessly only wishing it, not tasting it
..I walk around like a wandering gypsy and wonder how many are busy with life's illusions, not living life
..I still climb the mountains, roam the forests, enjoy the birds, and talk of love,
....yet the ones around me are oblivious to the real me; the real me is bleeding,
....watching the apathetic people around me...

..You are the power behind me, next to me
..You are the one who shares this world with me
..You are who is making it grow and develop
..You are who can contribute to its happiness
..You are who can ignore the tyrant's bully, and let the cruel rule
..You are who can make a difference or be indifferent

Have I given up the hope? Not yet
Have I waited too long? Indeed
Have I lost my trust?  Not yet
Have I waited for us to make it right? Indeed
-------------------------------------------Nasreen Pejvack (Dec. 2009)

Look around you. No matter where we live, our planet has a unique and beautiful expression Within our solar system it is the only habitable planet and absolutely stunning. In the universe we do not know where there are others or what they do, and if they have mastered the responsibility of intelligence to forge a realm where peace and harmony rule. For us things have not been that good. Yet, with all the wars and turmoil that Mother Earth has experienced thus far, it is still beautifully standing and flourishing in vegetation and flowers…Each continent has its own attractions; its own display of trees, flowers, and animals…We know many things have gone wrong with our air, our water and even our precious arable land. We are utterly vulnerable to natural disasters, as our recent experience Japan has shown. Class A earthquake proof buildings and structures could not withstand the Tsunami…Let’s examine the events around us, consider and analyze them, and see what every one of us can do; what is our responsibility to make a difference to salvage our earth and its people.

A glance at our beautiful planet and life upon it….

The Grand Canyon

Our Forests

Our Waterfall

Our Magnificent Mountains

Our Beautiful flowers


Life is Beautiful

Living Forest Our beautiful Animals Our Ocean Amazing Nature

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